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Location: Dubai, UAE
Styles: House — Afro, Melodic, Deep, Tech

Welcome to my groovy musical realm! Parked right here in the vibrant city of Dubai, I’ve had the privilege to spin my tunes in some of the swankiest venues around.

My compass in life is crystal clear — family, personal and professional growth. When it comes to music, I’m on a perpetual odyssey, forever evolving in terms of taste and keen observation. I keep a close eye on top artists, drawing inspiration from the music maestros who rock the decks in iconic hotspots like Miami, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Mykonos, Tulum, Istanbul, Barcelona, and the buzzing dance floors of London.

My Journey as a DJ

I’m a seasoned DJ with over nine years of global experience. In the last year, I was on fire, dishing out over 300 sizzling DJ sets. I’ve been honored to take the spotlight as a resident DJ at some of the city’s hottest spots:

  • SAL at Burj Al Arab
  • S Bar
  • Privelege
  • Tamoka
  • Caña
  • Flair 5
  • Ruya

Plus, I’ve been the DJ for some of the most exclusive gatherings, such as the Global Citizen Forum.

But here’s the scoop: what makes my performances truly tantalizing are my exclusive, never-before-heard remixes and arrangements of tracks that never hit the online world. This is unique, unreleased material.


Sound Production

DJ life — for me is something more than just the DJ decks. My soul belongs to the studio, where I weave emotions into sound. The beats I’ve created, including the pulsating «Insomnia,» have already hit the airwaves. Brace yourself for a sonic journey as I prepare to release a symphony of tracks and remixes that’ll set your world on fire in 2023-2024.

I’m constantly honing my craft, investing in my home studio to whip up some truly unique musical concoctions. 


My passion for music knows no bounds. I’m all about sharing it with the world, and my YouTube channel is where the magic happens. Here, you can dive into my live DJ sets, a sensory treat that’s already snagged over 300,000 views and counting.

My mission? To rocket my tracks to the top of the world charts.

Let’s get the party started! Keep that grin on your face and your dancing shoes poised for action. I can’t wait to see you out on the dance floor, where the magic of music truly comes alive!




The highlights and inspirational moments of my DJ career.  





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